#ScionWeekend Christmas Edition

Picked up my old friend the xB from my friends at Scion Downtown this week. I have a great weekend planned to get everything done while I’ve got wheels.

20111208-183103.jpg(I took this from the Scion dealership on Front Street)

I’m a huge advocate of walking, biking and taking transit, but I have also realized that sometimes you need a car to fully take advantage of everything the city has to offer. With the holidays coming and lots of things to do, events to go to, errands to run and people to see, being able to drive around for the weekend is really going to help me get everything done.

This is the first thing you see when you start the car. SCION xB. The second thing you see is NOT ME BECAUSE I’M ZOOMZOOMIN ROUND THE CITY (following all traffic laws I assure you, Scion Downtown πŸ˜› )

I drove down to the Christmas Market in Distillery District. I usually avoid events happening at Distillery because it just isn’t easily accessible by transit, other than the Pape bus that runs from Union which comes every 30 minutes.

Unfortunately we got there just as it closed (you could never tell by all the lights still on!) so we’re going to go back this afternoon to walk around and see what’s up. I’m excited to cozy up in front of a warm fire and I’m looking forward to seeing the great food and craft vendors there. A little birdy told me Cheesewerks has a booth there!

Is that tree even real?! It’s massive! And gorgeous! Someone on my Facebook was complaining this week about all of the pictures of Christmas trees people are posting. Get over it people, it’s winter and you might as well enjoy it because it’s not going anywhere πŸ™‚Β  No one complains about pictures of beaches and sunshine in the summer. I’m embracing winter right now! Bring on the Christmas tree pictures!

Can’t wait to go back here. We drove by a few other places like Casa Loma but there weren’t any lights on like I thought there would be. Had a nice drive all around the city. Am I the only person in the world that enjoys city driving? When you have a car that is easy to park and zip in and out of traffic it’s even more of a breeze.

Today we’re doing some fun stuff and some giving back stuff. I feel so lucky to be able to borrow a car from Scion when I need it and I know there are so many people who aren’t nearly as blessed, so I’m doing a few little things this weekend to give back.

I’m really excited about what we’re doing today so you’ll have to follow my updates on Twitter. I use #ScionWeekend to talk about all the fun things I do with my xB if you want to follow along!

vroom vroooooom……

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