Go go go MO! Movember Week 4

Movember is hardly over and I’ve got one last week of commendable Mos for your gandering. Gander away! As I’ve been saying week after week, DONATE! and talk to your doctor about your personal health.

This week’s nose mullet’s belong to:

Name: Blake Cuthbertson
Age: 18
Movember Rookie
Mo Space link: http://mobro.co/BlakeCuthbertson
Fave song right now: Drake – Underground Kings

Fave Mo Style: The Undercover Brother – a classic, thick Mo.
Mo idol: Rollie Fingers for the best Connoisseur, Tom Selleck for the best Undercover Brother

Why do you Mo? I Mo to raise awareness and money for all cancers.

Who do you dedicate your Mo to? This year I am dedicating my Mo to my close friend’s family, as they recently lost their mother to liver cancer.

Fave part of having a mustache? Combing it every morning when I wake up, and at night before I go to bed.

What style of mustache are you going for? I would love to have the Undercover Brother, but will probably end up with more of a Regent style.

Name of your Mo? The Number 2 Pencil

What are your Mo’s favourite hobbies? Stealing milk from my mouth, letting a cat lick the milk off it and of course, repelling females.

Who is most likely to roll their eyes at your mo? My girlfriend – even though she knows its for a good cause she thinks it looks ridiculous.

Would you rock a handlebar mustache? If I was capable of growing the handlebars I would do it in a heartbeat – another classic style.

Would you rock a mo year-round? If it would grow out and curly at the ends, yes.

Name: Travis Bradley
Age: 27
Movember Veteran
Mo Space link: http://mobro.co/Travisobvs
Fave song right now: Florence and The Machine – Shake it out (WEEKND remix)

Fave Mo Style: Pyramidal
Mo idol: My Dad

Why do you Mo? I think that it is a great way to raise money and awareness while having fun.

Who do you dedicate your Mo to?
I think I would dedicate my Mo to all men that have lived with depression. I think that bringing Male depression to the table is an important factor of Movember. People tend to push men’s emotional problems aside.

Fave part of having a mustache? I almost feel like I am in costume. I get to act like a spy. It’s also nice to feel like part of a team and community with other MoBros raising money for a good cause. Good Karma all around!

Mo idol? Johnny Depp and the guy from The Killers always did it for me. My buddy Terrence kills it too.

What style of mustache are you going for? It just kind of grows into this perfect Oshawa shape. I could shave it or trim it but it would just come back angry.

Name of your Mo? Mustafa

What are your Mo’s favourite hobbies? Being stroked while I am thinking.

Who is most likely to roll their eyes at your mo? Real men

And remember:


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  1. November 22, 2011 / 1:20 pm

    kind of hate to say it but your 18 year old brother is totally outgrowing travs stache.

  2. November 24, 2011 / 2:42 pm

    You don’t hate to say that Jordan.