If You’re Sexy and You Mo It… Movember Week 3

Last week’s boys Drew and Jordan have some seeerrrious competition this week as we introduce Tim and our first Mo Sista – or Miss Stache – Carly!

I’ve linked to their Mo-Space’s below so that you can donate. Remember – donations are totally tax deductible! I’ve been making tons of donations this year and will be excited when my tax return comes next year πŸ™‚

The best way to support Movember is to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your own health!

This week’s soup strainer’s belong to:


Name: Carly McGhee
Age: A lady never tells!
Movember Veteran
Mo space:
Fave song right now:
Arkells-Book Club

Fave Mo Style: Barber Shop Classic
Mo idol: Burt Renyolds
Why do you Mo?
I Mo for the men in my life, there are little things to hang in the shower for breast exams but men don’t always pay attention to their health and get checked out.

Who do you dedicate your Mo to?I dedicate my Movember to Jack Layton and Mark Daley – two public figures who put a face to the cause. My Mo also goes out to Mr. Lopes my friend’s father who was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer last Movember. He won!

I love the Mo so much, this Mo Sista wants to rep year round. The boys on my team, Stache 4 Cancer, work at Adrenaline Tattoo on Queen St W. This year the shop is offering $40 mini Mo tattoos with all proceeds going to our Team Pledges. If I can double my pledges from last year, I will get the Mo tattooed on my finger. My Goal is $300.
Last year Stache 4 Cancer raised approx. $2,500.


Name: Tim Des Islets
Age: 26
Movember Rookie – I’ve never let the mustache fly solo
Mo Space: http://mobro.com/desislets
Fave song right now: Almost Cut My Hair – CSNY

Fave Mo Style:
Anything Civil War related. I’d go to war with a bullet proof mustache like that.
#1 Mo idol:Einstein. That stache is Generally Relative to none.
Why do you Mo?
To raise awareness…and look super creepy for 30 days.Who do you dedicate your Mo to?All the guys in my family, friends, and my mo bros.

What style of mustache are you going for?
Eventually it will become a handlebar – timeless yet pervy.

Who is most likely to roll their eyes at your mo? Michelle K. No, that’s too obvious, lets call her M. Kloepfer.

Would you rock a handlebar mustache? No question about it. It’s like a toque for my mouth!

Would you rock a mo year-round? I think I’ll get the band back together and grow a beard in December.



It’s always nice to see a guy fully commit to looking like a pervert and a girl supporting her Mo-Bros!

Getting sick of the word “mustache” yet? This girl is. Every once in a while I like to remind myself of a few alternative words to describe that elephant in the room:
soup strainer, nose mullet, food frisker, flavour saver, cookie duster, crumb catcher…

Know any other names for mustaches? Please share in the comments!



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