The Future is Slightly Terrifying Me

I’m quickly realizing how frightened and excited I am for the future.

Last Saturday morning I FaceTimed with my Dad! My DAD! The same man who refused to carry his cell phone on him and still called it a car-phone (because it never left his car). The same dad who has gotten hand-me-down phones from my mom, my brothers and I for the past 10+ years, spent last night Friday night picking himself up the new iPhone 4S.

Some things will never change – he refuses to hook his work e-mail up to it because he works hard all day and doesn’t leave until the work is done. His boss respects that, and I guess everyone else has come to terms with the fact that he needs to unplug every night. But now that we’ve shown him how to download apps that work as your TV remote, apps to play Cribbage and Tetris and apps like Youtube andΒ  Shazam to entertain him, it looks like he will have SIRI-os difficulty unplugging.

While it is slightly terrifying that my dad can now video call me at 10am on a Saturday morning, I’ll admit that it’s nice to see my parents keeping current on all the latest technologies. I’m proud to say that my parents have to teach ME how to program the time on my oven and how to get the most out of my gadgets.

My mom had an iPhone before any of my friends. She taught ME how to get used to typing on the keyboard and I always used to borrow her iPhone for internet browsing when I had my Blackberry. She’s got the new 4S now too, and our car ride to go visit my brother at university last weekend was narrated by Siri as we tried to teach each other all of the fun things she can do.

This week I’ve paid for my Starbucks coffee using their iPhone app, which now works to accept mobile payments. It was insanely easy to use and now I’ll earn points on my card – a reward for my caffeine addiction! It’s funny because ever since we got the dog I’ve commented on how often I want to buy a coffee on our walks but don’t always bring my purse or wallet.

The company Jordan works for, Indie Pool, is one of the first companies in Canada selling a mobile app to increase sales in the music industry. While Indie Pool’s initial focus was to increase merch sales by making debit and credit purchases easy and cost efficient, the potential uses outside the music industry are huge! Imagine being able to swipe a credit card on your iPhone and e-mail a payment receipt to your customer right away, without having to worry about bulky (and costly!) debit machines.

The future is in your phone! In your hands! Seriously though, this app blows my mind. You can watch the demo above andΒ  talk to Jordan about how you can use it for your business/hobby/band/everything.

Our lives are changing quickly due to all the technological advancements in the past five years. Last weekend Jordan and I downloaded a program that streams files from his computer on to the TV (wirelessly), and an app that allows us to remotely access our computers from our phones. Last night in the grocery store I needed a specific amount of something for a recipe and instead of wasting time Google-ing I just lifted my phone to my mouth and asked Siri for the measurement conversion. She got it right away.

How is technology changing your life? Am I the only one who is slightly afraid?

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