Studies show that men tend to be more indifferent about their health than women and are less likely to make doctor’s appointments or talk to a doctor about their health concerns. This is scary, considering prostate cancer is over 90% curable as long as it is detected and treated early!

You know what isn’t sexy?
– There will be more cases of prostate cancer than breast cancer this year.
– Approx. 93,000 Canadian men will be diagnosed with cancer, and 39,900 men will die from it.
– On average, 11 Canadian men will die of prostate cancer every day.
– Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer in young men in Canada between the ages of 15-29.
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From the Official Movember site:

Movember’s primary campaign objective is to raise awareness of men’s health issues, specifically cancers affecting men. We want everyone to know that most cancers are highly curable if caught in the early stages – including prostate and testicular cancer. Movember aims to increase early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment, as this will ultimately reduce the number of deaths from cancer.

Movember has become a global event, raising over $22.3 million last year alone!

Now that we are starting the second week of Movember, everyone’s staches are starting to get a bit creepy. We are starting to separate the men from the boys; determining who just forgot to shave last week and who is sporting that pervy stache on purpose.

Every week for the rest of this month I will be highlighting some Mo Bros and Sistas so that you can learn a bit more about people raising money for the cause, see who their mustache idols are, what they have named their soup sampler and of course – donate!

Most importantly, while we are all enjoying the fun in growing mustaches, taking them out for pizza, and caring to your chaffed faces (ladies), I hope at least some people actually remember to GET CHECKED!

All jokes aside though, your mustache is creepy and pointless if you aren’t going for yearly physical exams. Raise awareness, and raise the bar for men prioritizing their health!

Download the Men’s Health Poster to see which screening tests and procedures you should discuss with your doctor according to your age.

( My fake Mo is from Sticker You)

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