My Zombie Nightmare at the PowerHouse of Terror

I capped off my Halloweekend and #ScionWeekend with a triple dose of terror. I wanted to take my Scion on a little roadtrip to the PowerHouse in Etobicoke. It’s one of those places that really interests me, but without a car I wasn’t really likely to make the trip. While the grounds are rumoured to be haunted by the deceased patients of the asylum (this part is for real! Swears!), CharityHaunt has also put together some haunted houses to scare the living right out of you for a good cause.

This brave girl went through every haunt!

I was most afraid of the Quarantine haunted house, since it was made up to be a quarantine area for those infected with the Z1 (zombie) virus. Have I told you about my recent nightmares? I’m scared of the undead! I treasure my flesh!

The Quarantine lived up to all my fears and scared the glitter out of me. It seemed like it took ages to get through the whole thing. Just when we thought it was over and were going through the exit, we would have to crawl on our hands and knees through a tunnel to get to the next area. At the end, a soldier greeted us, fought off another zombie and directed us to safety.

Highlights from the video: We were all legit afraid of soiling ourselves in the haunted houses and zombies didn’t like me taking photo or video of them and ordered me to put away my phone.

The other two haunted houses didn’t live up to Quarantine IMO. While we actually legitimately got lost in strobe-lit maze in Insidious and creepy clowns ordered us around in the CarnEvil Manor, nothing was scarier than being chased by walkers.

Charity Haunt hooked me up with some tickets to attend the PowerHouse of Terror as well as give away some passes on the blog. I’m really hoping I’m invited back next year – Death himself told me things get spookier and spookier every year.

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