You got a fast car, I want a ticket to anywhere. #ScionWeekend

Scion Downtown hooked me up huge this weekend! In order to help me get the most of out my Halloweekend, the downtown dealership loaned me an xB to drive my efficiency.

Ever heard of the Scion xB? It’s a little cube car that packs some serious attitude. It would have to, because I made it look super lame taking these pictures in public.

I did SO much running around and zipped around all over the city in this thing. It was super easy to park and for the amount of driving I did, I didn’t use much gas at all!

Will travel with dog. Mind the dog hair! He loves car rides. Two paws up for this sweet ride because it meant a trip to Petsmart for some new treats. Dear Petsmart, Y U NO HAVE DOWNTOWN LOCATSSHUNZ?!

I love my city and I don’t really see the need to own a car since its easier to get to my work by TTC and there’s something to be said for never having to be the DD. Then again, Toronto is a great city and sometimes you need a city-friendly car to explore it.

I left my new pal at home on Friday night to go to a Halloween party. I tried to be a sexy army pin-up, but mostly looked like this all night:

Hot right?

Absence made the heart grow fonder and on Saturday I had a four-speed love affair with my cube. Had to be up bright and squirrely for an appointment. Best thing: didn’t have to rely on TTC to get me there on time. I got myself there just fine.

Then it was a trip to Tottenham to see my best friend attempt her first non-family birthday party for her 5-year-old. Ash worked her little tush off to create a magical Halloween-themed birthday party and invited twenty 5-year-olds. Check out this attention to detail. Yeah, that’s imported hay and a homemade cake.

Then it was off to my boyfriend’s parents house for a very belated Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of baking a traditional pumpkin pie for dessert, I tried this recipe for a bi-layered pumpkin pie cheesecake. If getting in to swing of fall means eating way too many pumpkin-flavoured pastries then I am loving it!

Sunday was a full-fledged commitment to the season and the Scion. After a quick breakfast we buckled the dog in and headed out to the country for some pumpkin picking. I bought a big pumpkin to carve, and some little pumpkins and gourds to cook & decorate with. How gorgeous are these colours?

We waited until it was nice and dark before we headed over to the PowerHouse for the night. I gave away a pair of tickets on my blog last week. Are you sick of scrolling? I am! Going to write about our trip to the haunted houses in another post. I even took a video!

Did I mention I also had a baseball game, went grocery shopping, picked up a Halloween costume, brought back empties, went to Petsmart, went out for dinner, bought a birthday present, made a chip dip and pie/cheesecake, made it on time for McDonalds breakfast, and picked up my new iPhone? Seriously. That level of productivity can only happen with a car in the city!

Want more? You can see my tweets about my weekend by searching for it by the hashtag #ScionWeekend.

Big thanks to my new friends at Scion Downtown! You guys are fun! πŸ™‚

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