Oktoberfest – ziggyzaggyziggyzaggyoioioi!

This weekend some friends and I headed out to Kitchener for Oktoberfest. We got tickets in advance to the Altes Muenchen Haus party and crashed at our friend’s house in KW.

Sandwiched between two hot fräuleins. No complaints here!

Bought my costume at Exile in Kensington Market. It wasn’t cheap either, although the quality sure was.  The zipper disintegrated in my hands before I put on the dress and I had to make an emergency trip to Michaels and sew velcro up the back of my dress, then had the girls sew me into the dress. Not impressed, Exile! Could have been a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction if it happened at the venue.

Tim had fantastic breasts and got lots of attention. Welcome to womanhood, Tim. You’ll get used to the staring. Note: This picture is not of his breasts. Sad, right? But look at how much fun we’re having!

This was the night before, same party, same venue. We were so bummed we missed our patio lantern man. Might as well go for a soda, eh?

This is our gracious host Scotthausen in his leiderhosen. His costume came from a sex shop so it didn’t fall apart like mine. Note the authentic German mustache and his authentic German beer wench he’s authentically spilling beer on. He let us stay at his haus for the weekend. Sorry, I just wanted to say haus.

Taken from my phone, that’s why it’s a bit blurry. This is from our vacation to Germany. Someone I sent this to said it really looks like it. We kept getting asked if we worked for Oktoberfest. Naturally we said yes and our friend was Miss Oktoberfest or something.

Stolen strudel. Shiza! So delish. You can see some of Tim’s cleave here.

At some point in the night I decided to only make angry faces at the camera. This is sort of evidence of one as Michelle tries to kiss it better while Tim tries to makeout with Michelle. Yeah, the beer was delicious thank you for asking.

Could he be more stoked? You would be too if you had these hot broads full of strudel and overpriced beer on your arms.

 At the end of the night it took a 45 minute walk to hail a cab – apparently this is typical in KW especially during Oktoberfest. Only further proof why Toronto is more awesomer.

Undecided as to whether I’d hit the same party next year. We were repeatedly hassled by cops all night (everyone was). I think that’s just sort of what happens when you party with a bunch of other 20-somethings. The man is always trying to keep us down. I’d like to hit an outdoor party next year – do those exist? I’ll have to do a little more Oktobeerfesting to find what I like.

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