Can You Say Sexy Skivvies 5 Times Fast?

Need new panties and can’t wait for Santa to fill your stocking at Christmas? Want to show off your pre-Christmas-binging-bod in some new sexy skivvies?

Starting today until Sunday, over-sized posters around the city will be stocked with brand new, (sealed) Baci Lingerie panties and tickets for $10 off admission to the Everything to Do with Sex Show. The Everything to Do with Sex Show is happening on October 21-23 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and what better way to put yourself in the mood than with a pair of new, sexy panties? Free ones, at that!

Of course you don’t want to have to wander the streets in your older, uglier, skidmark-y underwear looking for your free new gorgeous panties so the people at Baci have let me in on the locations of the posters:


Click HERE to check the map for locations of the posters.

The lingerie will be stocked and restocked randomly throughout the days leading up to the show so there’s plenty of chances for you to grab a pair of your own! If you want to be kept in the loop, you can also check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.



Have you seen Baci Lingerie panties? They’re hot. Like, pretty blazing hot. I got a little steamy just looking at their website. I’m hoping I can score a free pair too – imagine how impressed my boyfriend would be with the new addition to my underwear drawer with all this “no time to shop” stuff I have going on πŸ˜‰

Oh P.S. There’s also a “monster” secret they wouldn’t let me in on…
I have no idea what it could be – but you probably don’t want to miss it. My advice is to keep checking the map, as well as the Facebook and Twitter pages.

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