The Anti-Nuit Blanche Post

If you were reading my tweets on Saturday night instead of enjoying the all-night art festival affectionately named “NEWEY BLANCH” you would know that my night was a big fat fail in terms of checking out art and a great big win for spending time with my friends and having fun.

Our original intention was to meet up with another couple at our house on the west end, have a few drinks and wander around the city. What ended up happening was 10 other people coming over and us not leaving the house until after midnight. A friend and I speed-walked to a bar to use the bathroom and meet up with a friend and ended up not leaving there until 3 a.m. Then Jordan and I speed-walked home to keep warm and ate pizza pockets. Ahhhhhh culture! Coincidentally, it turns out we were walking through the park around the same time as a 25-year old was shot in an alleyway near the park. Creepy!

Next year, I promise a post filled with all the pretentious artsy crap I can handle. In case you couldn’t tell by my tone, I’m not a huge fan of Nuit Blanche. I’ve been attending since the first year and have never seen anything truly mind blowing. Maybe I just don’t “get” art. I’ll settle for some animated gifs from the night instead.


Here’s a post for all of you who are sick of all the Nuit Blanche wrap-up posts:

– <swoon> More reasons to swoon over Jon Hamm including his love for children and his thoughts on the importance of good male role models. </swoon>

– Drake is from Toronto. If you didn’t know that, this video might be really confusing. Did Toronto tourism fund his video? I don’t care, because the shot of Drake in the Rogers Centre Skydome has made me weak in the knees for my city and one of my fave Torontonians.

Drake ~ Headlines (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.


– Your Facebook Timeline hasn’t gone public because of an allegation of trade-mark infringement and I wish it was one of my files at work instead of this crazy pharmaceutical patent stuff I’ve been working on.

– Having a bad day? Share why you’re blue on this website and a stranger will anonymously send you a song to make you feel better. If you feel like sharing your good vibes you can read someone else’s sad thoughts and send them a song to cheer them up! I sent like 10 people songs last Friday.

– Computers are actually racist. Didn’t you know?

– Found this gem via Zach Busseyan app that motivates you to run…away from zombies.

– The only fun I’ve had with Nuit Blanche this weekend is reading all of the missed connections that came from it. Like this one.

I’ve got some fun stuff coming up on the blog later this week and later this month. I’m seriously excited for some of the opportunities coming my way right now!

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