How to Make “Invisible” Folders on Your PC

Want to save a bunch of pictures of cute puppies and kittens without your boyfriend finding out and blocking you from the Craigslist Pet section?

I wont ask what you need to hide but I will share with you a trick I’ve learned to create “invisible” folders on your computer. While you can do this anywhere on your computer (in “My Documents”, or in “My Music”, for example) I will create one on the Desktop as an example. The process is the same no matter where you create the folder.

1. Right click on your desktop, and click on “New” –> “Folder”.















2. When prompted to name the folder, hold down the ALT key and enter “255” on the keypad part of your keyboard. This won’t work if you use the number pad right above the letters on your keyboard.

3. Right click on the folder you have created, go to “Properties”.

4. Click on the “Personalize” or “Customize” tab.


















5. At the bottom of the window click on “Change Icon” and then select the blank icon pictured below.


















I noticed that when you open Desktop in Windows Explorer now, you will see a blank line. That is your “Invisible Folder”.













A guilty co-worker suggested today that you could always create an Invisible Folder within your original Invisible Folder, so if someone finds it and opens it, the folder appears empty. Of course, that’s only if you really have something to hide πŸ˜‰

Credit: I learned how to do this on imgur recently. Would love to credit who posted it but can’t seem to find it again.

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