Driving my Efficiency – #weekendwrapup

I borrowed my parent’s car last weekend to go to my best friend’s son’s birthday party. He turned 2 this week!
I love seeing her family! Since Ash is my oldest friend (I’ve known her since we were 3 or 4) I basically grew up with her family, so it’s always nice seeing them.
Moe loves his friend Moose, Ashley & Kevin’s chocolate lab. Ashley made that cake – coolest mom ever, eh? No 2-year old’s birthday party is complete without watching your family play Fruit Ninja on Kinect and laughing at them flailing. I kind of want a Kinect now…don’t tell Jordan though. He gets all excited when I show interest in video games.

I was so efficient this weekend. I got up early Saturday to wrap presents for Lukas, went to Brampton to pick up my parent’s car, grabbed coffees and treats for the party, headed to Tottenham for the party, ate lots & caught up with my BFF and her fam, went to Petsmart to get dog food and pet the kittens, returned all our empties (which paid for the gas I used this weekend!), grabbed more coffees, brought Moe to a friend’s house to play with their dog while we chatted and visited another friend. And that was only Saturday! Took it easy Sunday by taking the pup to the dog park, going grocery shopping and headed up past Yorkdale Mall to play softball with the Dirt Squirrels.

The Dirt Squirrels are my old dodgeball team turned softball for the fall. We aren’t doing great, but we are having SO much fun! We’re all new to the game for the most part.
We’re pretty much the most unathletic people trying to be athletic. Check out our bench:


The best part about driving all weekend was that I wasn’t able to drink very much. That meant I was up before 9am each morning being productive and not lazing around the house semi-hungover and uninspired. Also meant I was offline for most of the weekend, living life!

Drove home to return my parents car and stayed for an amazing homecooked meal. Went through the last of my things at their place – mostly old keepsakes and teddybears of mine. Found my pogs! Awesome! Really want a pog party! Anyone? I’ve got Poisons and Slammers!


Found my old diary and want to remind everyone how tough the teenage years are. Be kind & understanding! And for gosh sakes be good to your parents, kids! After reading I feel like I owe my mom a bunch of hugs!! I LOVE YOU MOM!

This weekend really made us realize how badly we need a car. Not just to be more efficient (which is awesome!) but also to visit some of our friends and family that live a bit too far to TTC. We’re starting to look into grown up things like buying a car. This city is awesome and so much fun but sometimes having a car helps to appreciate it!

Who knows, maybe you’ll be seeing a car around here more often…

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