So Many Pages I’m Not Sure Which Ones to be Reading

Some links for your clickage, cause it’s the freakin’ weekend baby and I’ma have me some fun:

  • I can’t decide if these people are crazy or really smart. Sometimes I let the public outcry decide. Do kids really want to be in Liberty Village anyway? Someone should ask them.
  • Heather Payne posted this to her blog a few days ago: How to download all of your info from Facebook. Includes wall posts, event RSVPs and most importantly (to me anyway) the pictures. I’m so bad at keeping an archive of my photos because Facebook does it for me. Small world – I kept seeing Heather’s face floating around online and realized today that we were managers at McDonalds in highschool together in the same franchise.
  • I’m adding this to my personal Best of Craigslist collection – can you imagine it was in the Free section!? (Click on it to see it larger):

What a deal, right?!

I’m embracing the change in the weather and getting excited for fall. I’m buying a few new jackets to put myself in the mood. Buying them from this weekend. It’s my first time buying from them – fingers crossed everything fits nice!

Am I bad person for laughing at things like this? You can tell me…I can take it.

The title of this post is lyrics of a song (Shortlist) by a band from Ithaca, New York called I.Y. There’s stickers of them around Toronto because they used to visit my old roommate lots. Great guys, great band. This website tells me they broke up but you can still listen to their music on the Myspace (I know, right?) for their new band New Neighbours.

“When you told me I was a window I was in pieces…”

P.S. After I wrote this I felt like a really bad internetter because I realized that I also posted some of them to Twitter. COME ON guys I just get really excited to share funnies with ya…

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