A Fetching Workout with Moe

Since we got Moe last winter I have abandoned my gym membership. I just can’t imagine going to the gym for even an hour knowing that he’s at home by himself after being alone all day while I’m at work. I thought that our 3 walks a day (as well as being more active in general) would suffice as a workout routine, but I’ve started to realize it just isn’t cutting it.

I had heard of a few programs like dog-friendly yoga and have debated going on runs with Moe when his on-leash manners got better (it’s a work in progress). I’m just not down with zen yet and running outside is too high-impact and leaves me sore for weeks.

I had been looking for programs that incorporate cardio and strength-building exercises for me while exercising Moe mentally and physically as well. Since Moe is a high-energy boxer he needs lots of both kinds of stimulation to keep himself out of trouble. I was so happy when Fetching invited me to try out their program.

I went for my first Fetching session on Wednesday and it was exactly what I was looking for! We meet once a week and the session is divided into some commands and obedience training, some cardio and strength-building exercises, and then the agility course.

There are a few locations scattered throughout the city. Moe and I went to the one at Coronation Park. This park is beautiful and right near the water. It’s getting a bit chilly now and the sun sets earlier, so in October it will move over to the Pawsway, which is exciting for us too!

Fetching Fit allows you to be active while training and exercising your dog. I was a bit worried that a personal trainer wouldn’t be able to handle the dogs, but Fetching has a dog trainer and a personal trainer on-site.

The classes are broken up into Level 1 and Level 2. We tried out Level 1 since Moe hasn’t mastered commands with distractions (other dogs are his biggest distraction). Turns out, Moe was the worst pup there! I could barely even get him to run straight with me without him darting in front of my legs and tripping me every 2 seconds.

He’s a strong little guy, so when he decides he doesn’t want to go the direction we’re going, it’s kind of a problem for me. That picture is me trying to walk straight, and Moe has decided the other way looks more promising. Typical. I’ll post the ridiculous pictures in another post. There’s some funny ones of him pulling me around and me tripping over him.

Thank you to Brad, the on-site dog trainer for Fetching. He spend a lot of time with Moe, so that I could still do the workout and Moe could learnΒ  better leash manners. This is definitely something we have to work on!

Sal is the owner and one of the trainers at Fetching. She told me Fetching was the first program like this in Canada, which is pretty crazy since its such a popular idea. She was really good at motivating us to FEEEL THE BUUUURN. Oh I’m feeling it, Sal! Thank you!!

I was really excited to try the agility course with Moe. He’s a big goofball so I knew it would be entertaining. In pictures of him running he looks like a big ball with a head. In this picture (like most) his back legs are ahead of his front. We weren’t even running that fast – at least I wasnt!

My legs are still sore from Wednesday night’s workout which means I was doing something right! It burns like accomplishment. I’m a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to fully participate with Moe, but this is all part of training. I’ll be back next week to give it another try and hopefully we’ll see some improvement in both of us!

If you’re interested in bringing your dog to Fetching, feel free to ask me any questions. If you want to talk to the real pros you can get in touch with Sal πŸ™‚

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