I have a problem. I think I’m addicted to the Internet.

Even just typing it seems ludicrous.

I spent a whole 17 hours without the Internet on my phone. All I wanted to do was put some of my own music on my iPhone! I’ve been avoiding it because iTunes doesn’t work on my laptop (haven’t you heard about my love/hate relationship with technology?) and I had to back up all my music and transfer a playlist for my iPhone to Jordan’s computer so I could sync my iPhone with iTunes.Β  iJEBUS this is getting complicated!

All of a sudden, this little message pops up asking if I wanted to upgrade my iOS while I’m at it. SURE! Why not?! I can do this! Let’s go!
Half an hour later a message popped up saying it couldn’t update. FINE! WHATEVER APPLE. I don’t need your stinkin’ upgrade! Just give me back my phone.
But my iPhone was in “Recovery Mode” and needed to be restored to factory settings. UGH! Fine! Just give me my phone back! iPhone couldn’t be restored and I made my first ever appointment at the Genius bar.

I was so bummed out. I love my iPhone! I have been converted! I have SEEN the LIGHT! And the light is white and apple-shaped!

I got an appointment for the next day after work and dug out my old Blackberry to use for the day. Unfortunately, my iPhone data plan meant NO INTERNET on my Blackberry. I debated calling Rogers to switch on my Internets on the Berry but decided instead to just (wo)man up and get through the day without it. Besides I would be at work the whole day so I wouldn’t even miss the internet!

The streetcar ride to work is boring. Waiting for the elevator is boring. Waiting for my computer to start up – BORING!

I was so grumpy and felt sort of anxious all morning. I really hope it wasn’t because I was unplugged. Do I get comfort from knowing that I can Google cats wearing sweaters at any given moment? (Yes, yes I do.)

The second I was asked to go to the Chinese Consulate for a client, it was over. I was in Grumpsville with no ride home. The Chinese Consulate is one of Dante’s layers of hell. There’s about 4 different line-ups you need to be in with no organized way of keeping people in line. This means you fight for your spot in line for the entire time you’re there. Last time I was there it took over 5 hours. I had forgotten my book at home that morning and had no phone. Great! I grumbled to myself all morning about my post-lunch date with doom.

In the end, the Consulate wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be. My boss loaned me a book and I got totally lost in it while I was waiting in line. Didn’t even care if people took my spot and I was moved a few people back because that meant that I had longer to read. It calmed me down and made me realize how nice it is to be unplugged sometimes. If I had my phone I would have spent the whole time either working or checking social media sites. It was nice to just unplug and lose myself in a book for the afternoon. I returned to the office as my usual bubbly self and didn’t worry about my phone anymore.

After work, a Genius at the Apple Store fixed my phone. I’m glad to be back, but I’m also glad to have re-discovered one of my favourite places to vacation: in a good book.

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