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Did you notice #SchoolBBQ was trending on Twitter last night?

A bunch of the Twitter crew were out at the 3rd free BBQ at School in Liberty Village. I went to the first one in June and was blown away by the food & great company. I couldn’t get tickets to July’s #SchoolBBQ but as soon as I got back from Algonquin I made sure to upload my old school picture to join all my Twitter classmates.

Not quite an old yearbook picture, but I’m in my school uniform so it counts. I think that’s me in grade 11 or 12 law class in our portable.

School is way different than I remember my Catholic high school being. There were drinks, great food, and the people are the best. All the regulars were there, plus my friend Amy who is sort of new to Twitter came by! She’s like a Lib Village veteran already and I’m just starting to explore even though I’ve lived so close to it for so long.

This is the FREE dinner served at #SchoolBBQ (thanks to Arianne for the picture!) It’s just as delicious as it looks!

Just like at every Twitter social event I go to I met so many great new people who were there to have a good time and actually talk to people! It’s so refreshing going to bars and not having to worry if you don’t know people that well. Not going to throw out a bunch of names here, but I hung out with some really fun people that I hope to see at other events again. Which is more than I can say about highschool…

The best part of #SchoolBBQ (and maybe I’m biased about this part) is when they gave away the prizes for the night. After I got my tickets I heard that they were giving away tickets to the Jay Z & Kanye West concert at the ACC. I pretty much ignore announcements like this. After a lifetime of not winning contests, lotteries or even Bingo games I know better than to get excited or look forward to something I probably won’t win.

When they called my name I actually couldn’t believe what happened. I vaguely remember half-running towards the bar, not really believing what was happening. I won! I won I won I won! Everyone yelled at me to “show the roc” but I couldn’t really hear them or understand what they were saying so I kind of embarrassed myself but oh well, what else can you expect from this space cadet? Lots of my friends congratulated me IRL and online which made me feel so special! Thanks guys!

A few people seemed kind of shocked that I was both a Jay Z and a Kanye West fan. (Even though Klout thinks I’m influential about Kanye…what?) Truth is out – I am! I’m really going to enjoy the show and I’m so stoked already! I had tried to get tickets to the Watch the Throne tour but I wasn’t able to get tickets during presale and I had no cell service in Algonquin when they went on sale. I had decided I would totally break the bank come November and buy tickets off scalpers. So glad I don’t have to anymore!

School – you guys ROCK! (And not just because I won the tickets, although that is totally awesomazing too!) I’m not the type of girl to go to the same event twice. I’ve gone to two Schoolville’s BBQs and I would go to every other one I could get tickets to. I’ve heard great things about their brunch and yum’s from the bakery and I fully intend to try them out for myself sometime soon. I hear the brunch is packed on the weekends!

I also love companies who utilize social media. I’d much rather give my business to someone who will interact with me online. Plus, if your on my Twitter feed and are tweeting about deals or what the menu is for the night, I’m way more likely to think of your restaurant when it’s time to eat. Am I the only one? Don’t think so!

So thank you to Reggie and the School staff for all the hard work you put into the #SchoolBBQ’s!

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  1. August 19, 2011 / 1:01 pm

    Always great to see you. I should probably look into spending more than a minute chilling next time though. Tell Amy hi and it was nice meeting her too.

    • August 22, 2011 / 9:03 am

      It’s so hard to spend time talking to EVERYONE at those things! I have such social ADD sometimes πŸ™‚ Glad you had fun as well and we’ll have to catch up at the next one.