Two weeks paid vacation won’t heal the damage done, I need another one.

Friday night was Taste of the Danforth. I used to work all the summer festivals so its nice to finally be able to go to them. I feel like both Taste of the Danforth and Taste of Little Italy have gone downhill somewhat. Or maybe now I’m more content to sit on a patio with an ice cold pitcher.

Stopped on a patio for saganaki, gyros and souvlaki. All the boys had the same green lighter.

Beerfest on Saturday with Jordan, Lilae and Ryan. So much fun! Learned to pace myself this year so I actually remember the day. Tried a bunch of cool beers as well as the old favourites. My new favourite drinks are the pre-mixed cans of Jack & Coke and the El Jameadors (Jimadors) with tequila. Have a few of those for tonight as well!

My partners in crime for the day. I think we’re sad here because our glasses are broken. Had to fix em up at the next tap.

Sweet ride

Wish we could have gone to Beerfest on the Sunday and and see the Sheepdogs and Poor Young Things but we were off to Algonquin. After a hectic morning of getting up early to drive my brother to work and a few stops for camping essentials (chips, candy, gas and beer) we hit the 400 on our way to my first real vacation of the summer.

It was so nice to see traffic jams in the OPPOSITE way of where we were going since we decided to go to Algonquin on a Sunday and come back mid-week. Going away for a weekend is definitely a lot of fun, but sometimes those trips end up being filled with last-minute packing stress and my least favourite thing, TRAFFIC. The cottage country rat-race on the weekend is just as frustrating to me as the 9-5 rat-race.

Remember when I said that my trip would be all sorts of camping and no glamping? Okay, so I lied…but just a little bit. My family had been at a site in Rock Lake for a few days with their tent trailer so even though Jordan and I brought our own tent, we ended up staying in the tent trailer. It’s not that I’m not “outdoorsy”, it’s just that I’m more into mattresses, waterproof roofs, furnaces for cold nights and space for the dog to sleep. Plus the trailer had lights, running water and so many snacks! Okay, so maybe I’m not outdoorsy…


Saw these moose on the side of the highway. You can tell when there’s something going on because everyone stops their car on the side and takes pictures. Total nature tourists – we did it too.

Camping with my family is SO different than camping with my friends, especially tent-trailer camping. They had thought of everything! The last time I camped with friends we had to remember to bring all the little details like soap to wash dishes, every kind of condiment, extra tarps, etc. and we would usually arrive to realize we had forgotten out flashlights and had no extra cash to rent a canoe. With the trailer, everything is already in there from the last time they went camping, plus they had already rented a canoe and found the best nature hikes.

Do meals like this mean I was glamping?

We had lasagna, steaks, salads and amazing dips for dinners and everything from quiche, bacon and eggs, grilled cheese, homefries, fresh fruit and endless coffee and tea for breakfast. So you can say what you want about camping in a trailer, but I will just rub my satisfied belly in response.

Contrary to glamping protocol, I did get my fair share of mosquito bites. I learned how to pack up and put away a tent trailer. I lived through a bear appearance warning, a thunderstorm and most impressive, life without internet for 3 days. I got all muddy and dirty and I’m proud to report I only took ONE shower! …Should I be proud about that?

Went on an amazing hike called Booth’s Rock Trail. Huge incline – this is halfway up.

This is the top of Booth’s Rock Trail. That’s Jordan and Ronnie (1 of the 4 yummy mummy’s I was with) being braver than me standing near the edge. You couldn’t get me near it. Not scared of heights, just scared of plunging to my death. I think that’s reasonable, right?

My life without internet connection was pretty relaxing. I lay in the sun and read, drank cold beer, lay on the beach, went hiking, saw a mama and a baby moose, watched the dog chase chipmunks, made s’mores, snacked endlessly, and taught the dog to swim in the lake.

It was Moe’s first camping trip with us. Was worried he’d be up all night or bark at things outside the tent, but he slept right through the night (in our sleeping bags of course) and slept right through a crazy storm on the last night. He had so much fun chasing chipmunks around all day, even though he managed to get some bug bites. Moe takes his Revolution every month but the bugs still bite him – anyone have suggestions on dog-safe repellants? It looked like the flies were bugging him, not many mosquitos.

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  1. Ladykeirae
    November 8, 2011 / 9:58 pm

    I so wish we could have joined you this year. I love Booth’s Rock and Rock Lake. Next year…